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Warning Signs of Suspension Trouble that We Can Fix at Our Lansing, MI Auto Shop

Warning Signs of Suspension Trouble that We Can Fix at Our Lansing, MI Auto Shop

Warning Signs of Suspension Trouble that We Can Fix at Our Lansing, MI Auto ShopIf your suspension is in rough shape, then your car may handle unsafely. So at the first indication of a suspension problem, you'll want to bring your car to the shop for an inspection. At O'Donnell's Auto & Truck Repair, our local mechanics are highly experienced with suspension repair in the greater Lansing, MI area.

Common Symptoms of a Suspension Problem

One of the more common signs of suspension trouble is that the vehicle starts to excessively bounce whenever it hits any small bump along the road. If this is accompanied by clunking noises coming from your suspension, then you have evidence of a failing spring. Another sign of a bad spring is that your car is slouching in the affected corner.

In some instances, signs of suspension failure arise while braking. With a faulty suspension, it could take your vehicle noticeably more time to arrive at a complete stop after you've started to brake. And if it seems like your car is nose-diving when you engage the brakes, then you've got another indication of a suspension problem.

There's also a simple test you can conduct that will help you get a better sense of your suspension's condition. To start this test, make sure your car is securely parked on flat ground. Then go to the front end and press down hard on it before rocking it twice and then letting go. Next, go to the vehicle's rear end and precisely repeat what you did on the front end. When you release, your car shouldn't rock on its own more than three times. But if it does, then a mechanic should inspect your suspension.

It's good to know a few other common signs of suspension trouble. For one, your shocks are likely due for replacement if you can see that oil has started to leak out onto them. Also, if it feels like your car is drifting when you go around corners, then suspension trouble could be brewing. And if there are bald spots on your tires, then it may be because a faulty suspension is causing tread to wear down unevenly.

Suspension Repair in Lansing, MI

When you need auto repair in Lansing, MI and the surrounding area, come and see us at O'Donnell's Auto & Truck Repair. At our nearby auto shop, we can expertly address any of your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs. Feel free to contact us today at (517) 224-5918 to make an appointment!

Posted: April 2022