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Does My Car Need Brake Repair? Warning Signs that Say Yes

Does My Car Need Brake Repair? Warning Signs that Say Yes

For optimal roadway safety, it's crucial that your brakes are working just like they should. When you first suspect a brake issue, it'll be best to get to the shop so the mechanic can take a look. At O'Donnell's Auto & Truck Repair, our local mechanics are experts at identifying and repairing all types of brake trouble. We'll make sure that your car can safely bring you to a stop.

Common Symptoms of Brake Failure

An especially dangerous sign of brake failure is that your car starts drifting to one side when you hit the brakes. Not only does this imperil your safety, it also puts other drivers in harm's way. This could be happening because corrosion has caused a caliper to freeze up. Obviously, this is an issue that should be brought to the mechanic's attention as soon as possible.

By taking action when your ABS (anti-lock braking system) warning light turns on, you can potentially prevent serious brake problems from developing. This light may illuminate due to issues such as troubling sensors from wheel sensors, as well as low fluid in the reservoir. If there's a brake fluid leak, then you've got a serious safety hazard that needs to be promptly taken care of. When brake fluid is leaking, it tends to accumulate beneath the master brake cylinder or alongside a tire.

Signs of brake trouble often emerge due to problems with brake pads. If you hear a squealing noise coming from your brakes, then you've got a sign that the small piece of metal attached to your brake pad has started rubbing against your rotor. Worn-out brake pads can also lead to grinding, which can make your discs prone to damage. Generally, brake pads need to be replaced somewhere between 30,000 and 50,000 miles, depending on how hard you've been on your brakes and the type of pads being used.

There's also cause for concern if your brake pedal easily falls to the floor when you hit it with a regular amount of pressure. This could be happening because of air or water in your braking system.

Brake Repair in Lansing, MI

When you need auto repair in Lansing, MI, come and see us at O'Donnell's Auto & Truck Repair. At our nearby auto shop, we can expertly address any of your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs. Feel free to contact us today at (517) 224-5650 to make an appointment!

Posted: September 2021