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Is my alternator bad?

Is my alternator bad?

A healthy alternator is crucial to your cars ability to fire up reliably and cruise down the road without trouble. With a faulty alternator, your batterys power reserve may run dry, causing your car to die. At ODonnells Auto and Truck Repair, our local mechanics are highly experienced with identifying alternator and electrical system problems. After the issue is diagnosed, well get right to work on fixing it. No matter what type of trouble your car is having, well expertly repair it and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Common Symptoms of Alternator Trouble

One of the most familiar signs of alternator failure is a dead battery. Typically, a new battery should work dependably for a minimum of three years. If your battery dies earlier---and not due to an issue like leaving your headlights on---then you could be dealing with a bad alternator. Another common sign of alternator trouble is that a dashboard warning light illuminates. In many cars, this light reads ALT or GEN, though in some vehicles it comes on in the shape of a small battery.

With alternator trouble, you could end up dealing with electrical accessory issues. Its common for newer cars to have computers that can calculate which electrical accessories should have their power reduced when the alternator is malfunctioning. In turn, this saves power for the most crucial electrical needs. However, it could cause problems with accessories like power seats. Alternator failure could also cause issues with headlights. As headlights begin to dim and flicker, it could put your safety in jeopardy, especially if youre driving at night on a road without street lights. A safety issue could also arise if a bad alternator prevents enough power from being sent to spark plugs, consequently causing the vehicle to stall out in traffic.

Alternator & Auto Electric Repair in Lansing, MI

When you need auto repair in Lansing, MI, come and see us at ODonnells Auto & Truck Repair. Our nearby auto shop can conduct any repair or maintenance task that your vehicle needs. Feel free to contact us today at (517) 224-5918 to schedule an appointment!

Posted: June 28, 2021