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7 Important Winter Auto Maintenance Tasks

7 Important Winter Auto Maintenance Tasks

7 Important Winter Auto Maintenance TasksAs winter once again nears, months of difficult driving conditions lie ahead. Before the worst weather arrives, you'll want to make sure that your vehicle is prepared to keep you as safe as possible. Here's a look at seven important types of winter auto maintenance.

Brake Inspection

With reduced visibility and slick roads, it's crucial to your safety that your brakes are in excellent condition. During a brake inspection, the mechanic will check all aspects of the system to ensure that they're in proper working order.

Check Heater/Defroster

You need a healthy heating system so that your body keeps safely warm during frigid weather, and so that you're able to fully see the road ahead through a clear windshield.

Check Wiper Fluid/Blades

Wiper blades generally should be replaced twice per year, with heavy-duty blades being a popular option for winter driving. And for optimal visibility, you'll want to drive with a proper level of freeze-resistant wiper fluid.

Check Tire Tread & Pressure

Especially during the winter time, it's important to drive with tread that is 6/32" deep or more. Ample traction will help to keep you safe when roads get slick.

Check Battery and Charging System

Because frigid weather can be brutal on a car battery, you'll want to get yours checked so you don't have to worry about it potentially leaving you stranded when the thermometer plummets.

Add New Antifreeze as Necessary

The proper level of fresh antifreeze will keep your engine from becoming too cold, or too hot.

Check Exhaust System

During long stretches of icy weather, you'll be consistently driving with your windows up, which makes it all the more important that your car doesn't have an exhaust leak.

If you need auto maintenance, be sure to bring your vehicle to a reputable mechanic. For winter auto maintenance in Lansing, contact the experts at O'Donnells Auto & Truck Repair. You can reach our Pennsylvania Avenue location at (517) 224-5918. Feel free to give O'Donnells Auto & Truck Repair a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs!

Posted: November 25, 2020

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